Arthur Madsen – Five (Book Trailer)

Directed by Jimy J. Hollywood

Written by Arthur Madsen
Music by Arthur Valentin Grósz –
Director of Photography: Zoltán Mayer
Narrator: T Michael Harris
Edited by Cun
Produced by Eva Tarnay –
International relations: Henriette Kiss –
Foreign rights: Flavia Viotti , Meire Dias (Bookcase Literary Agency – Florida, United States of America)

According to the legend, Pharaoh Akhenaten had the pendant created by his court alchemists in the 14th century B.C., in honor of the Egyptian Sun god. By the time the scientists finished the artefact they had already known that the pendant was more than a simple symbol – they had created one of the most dangerous weapons of all. If the medallion, which was made of several layers of metal, is twisted properly it can influence the rotation of the Earth and the state of the planets. Mankind wasn’t aware of the existence of another world, an unknown empire, and that its queen wants to get hold of the pendant and through that, the greatest possible power.

The treasure of the alchemists was previously kept in secret by a monk, but the world’s leading authorities took it away from him with violence and they formed the Syndicate – the secret council entitled to protect the pendant. The Syndicate, however, failed and the medallion fell into wrong hands.

Five children’s lifes change forever when someone steals the pendant and along with it the light also disappears from the Earth.

It is a battle between children and adults in a strange world.
It is a test of valor, friendship, and fidelity.
Yeni, Berria, Jauns, Baru, Nuwe.
The fate of the world is in their hands now.

Main Title // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  1. Main Title // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  2. Photograph // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  3. Father’s Theme // Madeleine
  4. Finding the Peacock // Madeleine
  5. Il est mort? // Madeleine
  6. End Title // Madeleine