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12 April 2016

Harrods commercial in Doha, Qatar

Brand new commercial music available for Harrods village in Doha, Qatar. The commercial made by Parabel Studio, directed by Gabor N. Forgacs. more info:
10 December 2015

Stone in the River will debut in Hungary titled “Szérum”. The first episode will air in 21th December, on channel RTL II.
25 November 2015

Madeleine in the World Film Festival Bangkok

The Italian-Hungarian coproduction: Madeleine is in Official Selection at the 13th World Film Festival of Bangkok. More information on the festival’s website: here The film...
02 July 2015

Stone in the River – TV series

Stone in the River is a breathtaking serial for television, an action packed thriller where the main characters drift in the story like stones in the...
09 June 2015

Madeleine – Trailer

Amego Film and Ainom Films presents the first trailer of the upcoming drama, “Madeleine”. More information about the film:  
Main Title // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  1. Main Title // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  2. Photograph // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  3. Father’s Theme // Madeleine
  4. Finding the Peacock // Madeleine
  5. Il est mort? // Madeleine
  6. End Title // Madeleine