Title Genre Director Studio Year
Holnap Tali – Film romantic Márk Radnai Whatever Group 2018
Single Player short Robert Odegnal Film Art Studio 2017
25 Dollars bio/short Jimy Jameson Detrand Film 2017
The Basement horror Laszlo Illes Intergalactic Productions 2017
Lulu drama/short Daniel Zsingor Budapest Metropolitan University 2016
Crying Wolf horror/short Alexander Tokodi Hard8 Productions 2016
Madeleine drama Lorenzo Ceva Valla/Mario Garofalo Amego Film/Ainom Films 2015
Stone in the River (Season 1) TV series Gergely Tóth Glomax Entertainment 2015
New Chance drama Tibor Czeily Pasarét Filmstudio 2015
Black Soup (Fekete Leves) black comedy Erik Novák KREZ fillm 2014
First rendezvous short Daniel Orosz Y-Production 2014
Banned Music drama/short Peter Deák Sysplex 2014
Talent musical/romantic Laszlo Illes 53771 Entertainment 2014
Butterflies drama Gabor N. Forgacs Parabel Studio 2013
Rush action/short Peter Deák Sysplex 2013
Choice (3D) shortfilm Krisztián Károly Köves Sysplex 2012
The Chronicler pilotfilm Krisztián Károly Köves Sysplex 2011
Timetravellers shortfilm András Reszeli Soós I'm Film 2011
That Day drama Marianna Strommer I'm Film 2011
Obscura thriller Gergely Pandur I'm Film 2011
Van (Furgon) shortfilm Péter Gábor Farkas Sysplex 2009
The labyrinth of Alef thriller Tamás Király Sysplex/I’m film 2008
Contrast shortfilm Zsuzsanna Bendó - 2008
Eye/Vision shortfilm Nicolet Égeni Sysplex 2008
The Nightingale and the Rose shortfilm Attila Csillag Mozaik 2008
Vicious circle shortfilm Peter Deák Sysplex 2008
Downtown shortfilm Akos Mester concert 2007
Absence shortfilm Akos Mester concert 2006
Cravat shortfilm Attila Csillag Mozaik 2002



Title Genre Composer Studio Year
Lajkó cigány az űrben comedy/drama Adam Balazs KMH Films 2018
Virtuózok 2017 Music competition for TV Balázs Alpár MTVA 2017
Sudden Strike 4 Game Peter Antovszki KITE Games 2016
The Man Who Was Thursday thriller Adam Balazs Picturesque 2015
Zoltan Orosz songs for symphonic orchestra Piazzola/chansons - 2014
Irandam Ulagam Romantic/Fantasy Film Anirudh Ravichander PVP Cinema (IN) 2013
Law&Order UK TV series Andy Price Kudos Film (UK) 2013
Ryse Game Peter Antovszki Crytek 2013
Alegria Symphonic adaptation Circue du soleil - 2011
Tavaszi szél Symphonic adaptation Hungarian folk song - 2010


Title Genre Composer Job Studio Year
Misconduct Movie Federico Jusid Score technical assistant Mike and Marty Productions 2016
Drawing Home Movie Ben Holiday Music preparation M.Y.R.A Entertainment 2015
It Movie Patrick Doyle Music preparation - 2014
Puppeteer Game Patrick Doyle Music preparation Sony 2013
Crysis 3 Game Peter Antovszki/Borislav Slavov Additional orchestrator Crytek 2012
Ennio Morricone tour Live concert Ennio Morricone Keyboard player - 2004



Title Genre Director Year
EYOF – European Youth Olympic Festival Opening Ceremony Show EYOF 2017
Merlin and the Enchanted Wizards youth theatre Roland Papp 2014
Mole Drama Peter Gothár 2009
Walls Ballet Attila Csillag 2005
Island Drama Attila Csillag 2005
Edes böske drága Klári – based on the correspondance of Lőrinc Szabó drama Tamás Réczei 2003
The Three Colours ballet Attila Csillag 2003
Wo will pass the love? poetry Attila Csillag 2003
Gizella drama Attila Csillag 2003



Title Opus Genre About Premiere Year
Capriccio Op.2 Symphonic orchestra - Philharmonic Orchestra Győr – Ádám Medveczky 2002
Julien Sorel look back Op.3 Chamber music for flute and harp concert 2003
Kyrie Op.4 Vocal Mass movement for mixed choir concert 2004
In the Castle of II. Ludwig Op.5 Chamber music for 3 cellos-viola-flute concert 2004
The most beautiful pearl Op.6 Song for sopran voice and piano concert 2005
Moonlight Op.7 Song for sopran voice and piano concert 2005
Intrada for Orchestra Op.8 Symphonic orchestra for the 60th year jubilee ceremony of the Hans Richter Music Conservatory – Győr Philharmonic Orchestra Győr – János Petró 2006
Excalibur Op.9 Symphonic orchestra and Choir based on the legend Philharmonic Orchestra Győr – Franz Liszt choir – Ádám Medveczky 2006
2 song for poems by William Wordsworth Op.10 Song for sopran voice and piano concert 2006
The Enchanted Land of Instruments Op.11 Musical tale Tale written by Emil Grósz  Philharmonic Orchestra Győr – Gábor Horváth 2006
I dreamt… Op.12 Song for sopran voice and piano concert 2007
Ave Maria Op.13 Sacred song for sopran voice and strings orchestra concert 2007
4 song for poems by Edgar Allen Poe Op.14 Song for sopran voice and piano Yagi Maki & Loretta Baross 2008
Tale from the Lake Op.15 Symphonic poem Fictional story Symphonic Orchestra Szeged – Sándor Gyüdi 2009
Scraps Op.16 Piano short pieces for piano concert 2009
Anima Op.17 Strings Orchestra short piece for strings concert 2012
Shakespeare – Sonnet XXII Op.18 Choir Inspired by Shakespeare's Art concert 2016



Title Genre Publisher Year
EYOF – Opening Ceremony soundtrack Silvergrosz International 2018
Madeleine soundtrack TomTom Records 2017
New Chance soundtrack Silvergrosz International 2015
Black Soup soundtrack ManaMana Music 2014
Ramesses – The Excavations crossover/new age Author's edition 2010
Alone crossover/new age Author's edition 2006
Vox pop/rock Author's edition 2005
Missio 2 crossover/gregorian Author's edition 2004
Missio crossover/gregorian Record Express 2003
The Legend of the Golden Deer crossover/new age Author's edition 2001
Main Title // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  1. Main Title // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  2. Photograph // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  3. Father’s Theme // Madeleine
  4. Finding the Peacock // Madeleine
  5. Il est mort? // Madeleine
  6. End Title // Madeleine