Art_2015_02Hungarian born Arthur Valentin Grósz has been playing piano since the age of 4 and started creating short compositions around this time. He received his a master’s degree in composing and teaching from the prestigious Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest.

Arthur made his first album, entitled ”The Legend of the Golden Deer (2001),“ a crossover style album inspired by “Kitaro” and “Vangelis”. His next album was “Missio (2003),” then “Missio 2 (2004).” These albums can best be described as a blend of trendy Gregorian style and pop music. One song from the Missio 2 has been selected for an international selection called Gregorian Dreams with Enigma and Era.

Arthur was 18 years old when he scored his first film along with his first symphonic orchestral piece, Capriccio (2003). He has since received many offers to compose symphonic orchestral pieces. He includes a combination symphonic music, chamber orchestra, solo musical instrument and vocals in his classical works.

He orchestrated filmscores for the UK television series: Law & Order (composer: Andy Price) and games: Crisys 3 and Ryse (composer Peter Antovszki) as well, and he was in the music department of the “Puppeteer” and “IT” recording session, composed by Patrick Doyle.

In the past years he orchestrated several style pop and contemporary folk music for symphonic orchestra, and worked as orchestrator with Balázs Havasi pianist, Lisa Gerrard, Lebo M, and Zoltán Orosz accordionist.

As keyboardist, he has played many times with the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra, and had the honor of working together with world renowned composer, Ennio Morricone.

He composed music for 18 films, Madeleine (2015), New Chance (2015), Black Soup (2014), Butterflies (2014), Choice (2012), The Chronicler (2011), which films also presented in Los Angeles and Cannes.

His musical language as a composer and orchestrator can be best described as light classical combined with “crossover.” In his composition technique always focuses on harmony.

He teaches film score course on Werk Acedemy.

Since 2015 he is a Member of the Hungarian Film Academy Association.




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Main Title // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  1. Main Title // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  2. Photograph // Arthur Grósz - Madeleine
  3. Father’s Theme // Madeleine
  4. Finding the Peacock // Madeleine
  5. Il est mort? // Madeleine
  6. End Title // Madeleine