Genre : Action (short)
Released Date : 1 / Oct / 2013
  1. The Story
  2. The Mission
  3. Fight!
  4. Escape


Roach is an undercover policeman who has infiltrated a gang for years. He falls in love with the crime boss’s girlfriend. He’s plan is to double cross both the crime boss and the police, take the money and escape with the girl. But there’s only one thing is more difficult than getting in the club: getting out.

Cast & Crew

Director: Peter Deák
Producer: Peter Deák, Tamas Simon
D.O.P: Tamas Simon
Music: Arthur Valentin Grósz,
Actors: Peter Gyarmoczki, Alexis Latham


The Story // Rush
  1. The Story // Rush
  2. The Mission // Rush
  3. Fight! // Rush
  4. Escape // Rush