Crying Wolf

Crying Wolf

Genre : action, horror
Released Date : 15 / May / 2016
  1. The Attack
  2. Main theme (Crying Wolf)


Unknown suspects kidnapped the billionaire Qasim Al-Thani’s only son, and they are demanding a hundred million pounds of ransom money. Al-Thani refuses to negotiate with the terrorists and to avoid any media attention, he hires private operatives for a rescue mission. An inside man at the MI5 gets hold of the hostage whereabout, who is located in a small village at Herefordshire county. The assembled mercenaries make their way to the countryside but after arriving to the mansion, they realise that this textbook mission, might cost their lives…

Cast & Crew

Director: Sandor Tokodi
Produced by: Annamaria Tanai, Sandor Tokodi
Music: Arthur Valentin Grósz,
Cast: Norbert Glozer, Ahmed Balla,
Production: Hard8 Productions


The Attack // Crying Wolf
  1. The Attack // Crying Wolf
  2. Main theme (Crying Wolf) // Crying Wolf