Genre : Drama
Released Date : 11 / Nov / 2014
  1. Zsigmond’s Death
  2. Explosion


This story could only take place where the chances of survival are practically zero, trivialities are vital and people want what has never been theirs. Laszlo, the world’s greatest loser, has only just been released from prison. In search of a better life, he decides to create a football pitch in a God-forsaken village full of paupers and drunkards. The dissolute and alcoholic Veronika hopes she can find happiness with Laszlo. Her nine-year-old son starts playing the violin thanks to the old musician whose past hides dark secrets. The fates of these four people become intricately interwoven.

Cast & Crew

Director: Gabor N. Forgacs
Writer: Tibor Fonyódi (screenplay) Mónika Magyari (story)
Actors: Péter Rudolf, Kitty Kéri, Péter Andorai

Music by Arthur Valentin Grósz
Recorded at Studio 22, Budapest
Performed by Budapest Art Orchestra
Solo violin by Ferenc Puss
Mixed by Andras Deak, 440hz studio

Zsigmond’s Death // Butterflies
  1. Zsigmond’s Death // Butterflies
  2. Explosion // Butterflies