Black soup

Black soup

Genre : Black Comedy
Released Date : 1 / Apr / 2014
  1. The Therapy
  2. Where is the Money
  3. There is a car


After a long night, Dj Feaky D loses a large sum of money on poker.
When an old friend offers a “great opportunity of easy money”, he calls up on his buddies locked away in a mental institution.

Cast & Crew

Director: Erik Novák
Producer: Daniel Kresmery, Csanad Darvas, Peter Deák
D.O.P: Balázs Dobóczi
Music: Arthur Valentin Grósz,
Actors: Zsolt Nagy, Hermina Fátyol, Erik Novak, Gábor Máté, Zoltan Perjés, Simon Szabó


The Therapy // Black soup
  1. The Therapy // Black soup
  2. Where is the Money // Black soup
  3. There is a car // Black soup